Three editions to fit your requirements

for small to enterprise-wide Apache Kafka projects
Community (Desktop)
For local testing & development
1 local cluster
Up to two attribute filters
9 included codecs
Full data ingestion capabilities
Create and delete topics
Embedded Cluster functionality
Full support
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Professional (Desktop)
For professionals and companies
Connect to remote clusters
JavaScript for filtering and mapping
Full Dynamic Report capabilities
Manage unlimited clusters
Full filtering capabilities
Add data attributes as columns
Full SSL and SASL support
Securely connect to Schema Registry with bearer and basic authentication
Add unlimited custom codecs

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Enterprise (Server)
On request
For project teams and operations
Enable DEV, OPS and business teams to collaborate
Enable your users to share data
Manage access to topics and more
Alerting functionality (optional)
Additional modules available
Optional Professional Desktop instances
Export to Excel and much more...
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Version comparison
Community Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Desktop Application for Windows, Mac OS, Linux Optionally includes Professional Edition
Web Application (e.g. Docker Container)
One cluster (localhost only) Unlimited clusters
Embedded cluster functionality
Connection to localhost only Connections to localhost and remote
Full SSL support (incl. custom keystores)
SASL support (e.g. plain, gssapi, scram)
Jaas config per connection (configured in-app)
Connect to Schema Registry using basic and bearer auth
Data Analysis & Reports
Two data attribute filters for structured data Unlimited data attribute filters for structured data
Add data object attributes as sortable columns
One default view Save filters, codecs configurations and more as views (unlimited)
Seek to offsets across partitions
Seek to points in time
Select a time window for records
9 codecs included (String, Json, Avro, Avro Embedded, Avro Subject Naming Strategy, Integer, Float, Long, Double)
Add unlimited custom codecs
Save single or multiple records as JSON
Export records to Excel (CSV)
Types for header encoding and decoding including String, Boolean, Integer, Float and Double
Data Ingestion
Ingest single or multiple records, JSON view for easy editing, support for headers,
create a new record based on an existing record
Use additional custom codecs for ingestion
Topic Management
Create topics with configurations Create topics with configurations and topic creation user right
Delete topics Delete topics and topic deletion user right
User Management
Create roles for users
Manage access to KaDeck features (e.g. adding, editing, reading sever configurations and settings)
based on roles
Manage access to topics
Additional auditing capabilities

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