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KaDeck Web is free for single users.

Add more users to your team or get 24h support in case something happens.

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Flexibly add or remove licences on a monthly basis and benefit from our 24h support with our 24h Team Support Plan.

First user


KaDeck Web comes with one free user licence to get you started quickly.

User licence


Enables the login of one user within your KaDeck Team environment.
The term is one month and can be extended automatically.

24h Team Support Plan


Response time of 24 hours, troubleshooting and support via telephone or video chat.
The term is one month and can be extended automatically.

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Single users are always free

KaDeck Web is equipped with all features, is ideal for teams, and runs as a web service.
KaDeck Desktop is our native desktop application.

KaDeck Desktop
Unlimited clusters & brokers
Unlimited views (dynamic reports)
FlowView: End-to-end monitoring
JavaScript for filtering and mapping
Fillter data by attributes
Add data attributes as columns
Full SSL and SASL support
Securely connect to Schema Registry with bearer and basic authentication
Add unlimited custom codecs (ingestion & consumption)
Test Java apps with live data
Embedded cluster - start a local cluster for fast testing
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KaDeck Web
The full experience
Free for one user
Amazon Kinesis integration
All features of KaDeck Desktop, plus:
Collaboration features
Organize users in teams
Assign contact persons to views and topics (data ownership)
Access control (RBAC) with unlimited topic namespaces
Add descriptions to topics and views
Share views and data
Audit log
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