KaDeck Kafka UI for Web and Desktop
Most powerful Apache Kafka UI

Manage topics and analyse your data

Manage consumers and monitor offset lags

Control access to topics and data

Apache Kafka Development & Monitoring Solution

Powerful Apache Kafka Desktop Client and Web UI

Develop, explore and monitor your Apache Kafka applications, clusters and streams all from one powerful Apache Kafka Desktop and Web UI.

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KaDeck ❤️ to be part of your data journey
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Browse and analyse your data faster than ever before!

Create filters, select data for export or re-ingestion from one intuitive UI.
Kafka Web UI & Desktop UI - Browse data and work with together with your team with the Web Version
Powerful Apache Kafka UI

Data crunching, testing purposes or monitoring of applications and data flow: You have direct insight into all data in Kafka.

Topic management, ACLs, schemas, and more

Create and configure topics, monitor and manage consumers, schemas, ACLs, and Kafka Connect- easier than ever!

Desktop or Web

As a single user on your computer or as a web service together with your colleagues: choose KaDeck Desktop or KaDeck Web.

Monitoring of consumers, producers and data flow

KaDeck let's you monitor consumer positions, the data flow between producers & consumers and the time distribution of data.
Kafka UI KaDeck - Detect errors and monitor consumers

This is a Test. 1, 2, 3...

Test your applications with test data from scratch or based on existing records, reset consumers or wipe topics.
Kafka UI KaDeck - Ingest data

One Web & Desktop UI for Kafka Connect, Schema Registry, ACLs and more..

Get full control with KaDeck Desktop for single developers or KaDeck Web/Server for teams.
Kafka Connect UI for Monitoring and Management

Compatible with

And more...
The flow view shows you producers and consumers of a certain stream

The full development solution for Apache Kafka

Develop, test and monitor Apache Kafka applications + clusters 💪

KaDeck is the most comprehensive Apache Kafka UI for web and desktop on the market and lets you manage your topics, create complex analysis of datasets (reports), generate test data, and correct data. You can also manage consumers, Kafka Connect, ACLs, schema registry, and much more from one convenient UI.  

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The flow view shows you producers and consumers of a certain stream
Multieselect with KaDeck

Dramatically reduce time-to-insight

Easily find 🔦 the data, export data, and transform data

Xeotek KaDeck puts you in control of your data streams. Save hours of work by gaining insights at the data and application level in projects or day-to-day operations. Export, filter, transform and manage data streams in KaDeck with ease.

Multieselect with KaDeck
KaDeck can be used by business users, developers and operations alike

Collaboration is the key to success

Xeotek KaDeck was designed to be used by developers, operations, and business users alike ✌️

Because business users, developers, and operations jointly gain insight into data and processes via KaDeck, the whole team benefits: fewer misunderstandings, less rework, more transparency.

KaDeck can be used by business users, developers and operations alike

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