KaDeck V3 released!

KaDeck V3 is now released

Welcome KaDeck V3.
Our biggest update yet.

To see all new features, go to our what’s new page. In the following, we will introduce you to the most important new features.

Hello, Amazon Kinesis!

Amazon Kinesis Integration

It is great to have a choice. With KaDeck V3 you now have the choice between Amazon Kinesis or Apache Kafka or simply use both technologies simultaneously.

Live Mode – it’s raining data!

Live Mode

Real-time processing and visualization. See how data flies in and is processed by KaDeck in real time.

The Good into the Pot…

Multi-select records

The new Multi-Select feature: select all or individual data sets with Multi-Select and feed them into a new stream or export them as a CSV file. In combination with the Quick Processor, you have a complete data correction center at your hands!

Stateful transformations

Stateful Quick Processor

Group data sets or perform stateful calculations. Use the powerful Quick Processor to transform datasets in real-time or perform analyses with the new State Store even across multiple datasets.

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