KaDeck Enterprise for your whole team.

Xeotek KaDeck - The advanced Kafka UI for Professionals.

The Kafka UI and Kafka Topic Browser for developers, operations and business.

The platform for all data and processes in Apache Kafka.
End-to-end monitoring, rapid prototyping, data analysis and alerting for the whole team.

KaDeck is the most intuitive Kafka UI and Kafka Topic Browser and the central data hub for the whole team. Try our free KaDeck Desktop edition or learn more about KaDeck Enterprise for teams.

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“I never got a local cluster up & running as quick as with KaDeck. The growing number of features for common tasks enables me to focus on the core of my work, reducing the hassle.”— David Weber, Jeed UG

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KaDeck is used in +50 countries on 6 continents.

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Over 3.000 developers already trust in KaDeck as their Kafka browser for developing, analyzing, and managing data in Apache Kafka.

Well-known Fortune 500 companies are among our users.

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