Xeotek KaDeck - The advanced Apache Kafka monitoring solution and Apache Kafka UI

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Choose KaDeck Web, if you want to work in a team or run KaDeck as a web service. If you want to run KaDeck as a native desktop application, choose KaDeck Desktop.

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Native desktop client for Windows, Mac or Linux

KaDeck Desktop lets you connect from your machine to a remote Apache Kafka cluster or create a local cluster to get started quickly. Analyze messages, manage topics and much more.
Please read our system requirements before installing the KaDeck Desktop edition.


The data hub for Apache Kafka

KaDeck Web runs as a web service in your infrastructure or cloud. KaDeck Web enables your teams to work together and makes developing applications more organized and efficient.

Register and get started for free with KaDeck Web on your infrastructure or cloud.


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    A team automatically includes one free user. You can add more users to your team later.

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    After you have confirmed your email address, you will receive all the information you need to start using KaDeck Web immediately.

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    Run KaDeck Web as a container locally, in your infrastructure or in the cloud.


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Offline version or SSO required?
KaDeck Enterprise doesn't require an internet connection, includes Single-Sign-On and customized functionality.
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