Helping companies to work from home during corona crisis

Stay at home and stay healthy. These sentences are being heard every day lately and, given the global situation, the advice should be heeded. Millions of people around the world are working to help patients affected by the coronavirus and to maintain the infrastructures essential for survival. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all these people: in these times, solidarity is greater than ever before and humanity is making an outstanding showing.

We thought about what we can contribute and how we can help people to work from home. Big Data makes it possible to automate important processes of entire companies and thus plays a decisive role in keeping the economy going. For the collaborative work on these data-driven applications, we designed KaDeck Enterprise, which runs as a data hub for Apache Kafka within the corporate infrastructure as a web service. For our customers of KaDeck Enterprise, working from home is, therefore, no problem.

Free KaDeck Professional
We have decided to provide free licenses for the use of KaDeck Professional.

Get free licenses for KaDeck Professional.

But for all those who do not use KaDeck Enterprise so far, we now provide free licenses for KaDeck Professional. This allows developers, business departments and application operations to continue developing and operating data-driven applications from their computers.

Even if we can only make a small contribution as a young IT company, I think it is important and right to help.

I wish you all the best during this time. Stay home and stay healthy.

Benjamin Buick
– CEO of Xeotek