Data loading in financial services with KaDeck

KaDeck is used throughout various industries. We frequently talk to our customers to learn more about their different use cases. They all have in common that they need control over system landscapes and provide transparency throughout the whole application lifecycle on data level.

Data integration projects are proving to be some of the most demanding projects: loading data from a source system into standard software or vice versa. This is, when you directly get rewarded by having transparency at the data level in your infrastructure and get punished by having to deal with a cost- and time-intensive project, if you don’t.

Today we want to share a success story of one of our customers who has used KaDeck for data integration with SAP and Kafka.
Data integration requires an own topic for itself but this short story from one of our customers shows, how KaDeck makes the process of integrating data painless and time-efficient. Listen to what Christine Unkmeir has to say about using KaDeck and how it helps integrating data into standard software such as SAP Hana.

Loading data from different sources into standard software through Apache Kafka.

“Contract and master data are connected to standard software via Apache Kafka. The referential integrity of objects as well as the correctness of the data model must be guaranteed thereby. KaDeck supports these requirements by analyzing the data before it gets loaded into the analytical system. Corrupt or incorrect data is identified in advance. This avoids redundant data loading processes within the data processing chain, ultimately resulting in data being available to the processes of the standard software in a timely manner. The extensive filtering capabilities of KaDeck allow for data quality measures upon loading the data into the target system.”Christine Unkmeir, SAP Specialist

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