AWS Kinesis Monitoring

A data monitoring solution is essential for the development of data-driven streaming applications, technical acceptance testing, or data analysis.

The latest version of the data monitoring and management solution Xeotek KaDeck (our video summary of the new features) has been enhanced by the integration of Amazon Kinesis. This means that not only Apache Kafka, as was previously the case, but also Amazon Kinesis users now have access to a large number of functions for managing, analyzing, and monitoring their data streams.

Aws Kinesis Monitoring with KaDeck

We have written an article that summarizes the new features of KaDeck V3 for Amazon Kinesis users and explains them one by one.

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In the article “Amazon Kinesis Data Monitoring with KaDeck” you will learn how to integrate KaDeck as a central monitoring solution for AWS Kinesis in your company and get to know some application examples.

See KaDeck in Action

If you want to see KaDeck live in action, you can use our free single-user license to start directly.

Don’t feel like tedious configuring? Try our All-In-One Sandbox. It contains a small application landscape with demo data and sample applications. Even though Apache Kafka is used internally, there are marginal differences to AWS Kinesis in use with KaDeck.