How KaDeck enables Data Exploration and Data Monitoring with Amazon Kinesis

A data monitoring solution is essential for the development of data-driven streaming applications, technical acceptance testing, or data analysis. Learn how to test KaDeck with Amazon Kinesis to explore and analyze your data streams in real-time.

The latest version of the data exploration and management solution Xeotek KaDeck (our video summary of the new features) has been enhanced by the integration of Amazon Kinesis. This means that not only Apache Kafka, as was previously the case, but also Amazon Kinesis users now have access to a large number of functions for managing, analyzing, and exploring their data streams in real-time.

See it in action

If you would like to try KaDeck Web in advance without much configuration, check out the KaDeck All-In-One box, which includes a complete installation with test data and sample applications. Internally, it uses an Apache Kafka cluster, but since the functions hardly differ from the Amazon Kinesis integration, Amazon Kinesis users can still use this version to see KaDeck Web in action without much effort.

docker run -it -p 80:80 xeotek/kadeck-allinone:latest
# Then log in via http://localhost:80 with user & password: admin

When logging in for the first time, you must log in as user admin and password admin

If you want to try KaDeck Web in your AWS environment with your own data, contact us.

Try the desktop version with Amazon Kinesis support

If you want to try KaDeck Desktop instead, you can use our 7-day trial of KaDeck Professional to start directly.