Announcing Xeotek KaDeck 2.1.2 – The free Apache Kafka UI for professionals

The new version 2.1.2 of Xeotek KaDeck has just been released and contains many improvements to make working with Apache Kafka even easier.

Not a user of KaDeck yet?

If you are not using Xeotek KaDeck yet, you can download our free desktop version on our download page. Be warned: KaDeck is more than just a simple Kafka Ui / Topic Browser and offers many more functions for professional use.

What’s new

Data ingestion

  • It is now possible to let Apache Kafka automatically decide in which partition the new record should be created.
  • When creating a new record based on an existing one, the target partition is also copied.
  • Fix: the target partition was ignored in certain situations.

Custom codec loading

  • Fix: Custom codecs were not loaded correctly on Linux and Unix.

Connecting to clusters

  • Not all access rights are required to establish a connection with KaDeck anymore. If these “optional rights” (e.g. describe cluster, describe consumer groups) are not available, KaDeck can now be used with limited functionality.
  • A new check of the access rights has been added: Describe consumer groups. If consumer groups cannot be described, a message is displayed. Without this right you can still use KaDeck, but not all functions are available.

Embedded Cluster

  • Many UX improvements
  • An embedded cluster connection card is now automatically created on first startup as it was not clear that you need to create a connection yourself in order to connect to the embedded cluster.
  • When starting the embedded cluster the new corresponding server connection is automatically activated.


  • Changed the default values of certain settings, mainly increasing timeouts and limits.
  • Settings “Data Scan Max Records” and “Data Processing Limit” were renamed to “Data Scan Limit” and “Data Display Limit”. Additionally, descriptions were added.

UI/UX improvements

  • Cluster connections are now sorted based on their name.
  • Added a hint on the record list screen that explains why you might not see all records because of a customizable application-wide “data display limit” and “data scan limit” setting.
  • And many more minor improvements

Become a KaDeck Insider

If you are already using KaDeck, then take a look at the KaDeck Insider Program, which also started today. This way you will get the latest functionalities of Xeotek KaDeck before anyone else, be in direct contact with our team, benefit from many more advantages.

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