Our Story

Xeotek is a deep-tech startup based in Frankfurt (Germany).

Xeotek was founded 2017

Xeotek was founded in 2017 by Benjamin Buick to revolutionize the way applications are developed in today’s enterprises. As a freelance software architect & technical lead, Ben has implemented a variety of strategic, data-centric IT projects in the banking and energy industries.

Our mission

Our mission is to make data-driven application development manageable & scalable.
Through our software, we give developers and data scientists back control over data and dramatically reduce the complexity, time, and cost of development and operations. In doing so, we are changing the way companies will develop and operate data-driven applications in the future.

We are backed by...

We are pleased that we have great supporters at Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are also a member of APN.

We are a member of the TechQuartier.

Accso – Accelerated Solutions is our partner that helps you implement your use-cases with KaDeck.


Xeotek GmbH is located in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany.

Schillerstraße 30-40
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Our Values

We focus on accomplishing goals that add up to a larger vision. We are dedicated to our work and serving our customers and deeply believe in our mission.

Rational and reasoned acting

Before making decisions and taking action, we make sure that our reasoning is based on rationality and is well-founded.

We shape the future

When designing our products, we question current concepts and imagine what the future could look like instead.

Programming and IT know-how is a basic competence.

We believe that our entire team thinks and works on one level when everyone has a strong and active interest in programming and IT know-how.

0 Countries

KaDeck is used in +50 countries on 6 continents.

0 Developers

Over 45.000 developers already trust in KaDeck as their platform for developing and managing data in Apache Kafka.

Well-known Fortune 500 companies are among our customers.