A big leap – Announcing launch of new website, a new product line-up designed for your individual requirements and so much more.

The last few weeks have been some of the most exciting and turbulent weeks for quite a long time as we were launching so many things at once. No marketing talk: this is indeed our most significant announcement yet. Let explain what I mean:

  • New Xeotek.com website bringing together KaDeck and Xeotek, the company behind KaDeck, for a better and unified user experience.
  • New product line-up: our brand new KaDeck Professional edition completes our product line-up and addresses professional users who need to reliably work with remote clusters and want the full feature set of what KaDeck has to offer.
  • KaDeck 1.4 is now released! This new major update includes a new server browser, adding data attributes as columns in the record list, new security features, an embedded Kafka cluster functionality and so much more.
  • An overhauled KaDeck Community edition, which lets you easily set up a whole Apache Kafka environment in literally seconds. The Community edition focuses on local testing and development for community projects. We feel committed to the developer community and open-source projects: KaDeck Community edition will stay free.
  • We are opening our new support center with documentation and articles about all aspects of KaDeck. Many more articles will be added in the upcoming days and weeks.

Use our version comparison cheat at the bottom to find the right version of KaDeck for you.

I want to take the time and give credit to the whole team and our supporters, friends and users: without YOU, these great new announcements, this big leap, wouldn’t have been possible.

Benjamin Buick, CEO of Xeotek GmbH